The art of a lifetime

Dehesa de Campo Alto is the result of a lifetime dedicated to the craftsmanship of hams and other Iberian products.

Our family.

generations of dedication

Dehesa de Campo Alto took shape and became a reality thanks to the hard work of the Adell family, which has worked in farming for several generations and now focuses all its efforts on sharing the skills gained over a lifetime spent breeding and rearing top-class Iberian pigs.

With work and perseverance as its maxims, and thanks to its experience and know-how, the family now has a full-life-cycle Iberian pig farm in the area of Los Pedroches in Córdoba. This area has splendid oak woodland and pastures, ideal for the traditional, free-range, acorn-based fattening of Iberian pigs, and is endorsed by a prestigious, first-rate designation of origin: Los Pedroches (Córdoba).

The Company.

a lifestyle

Dehesa de Campo Alto makes the difference in the Iberian products market due to its quality and traceability. Thanks to our first class raw materials and pigs bred freely since they are born, the traceability and control of every production process are a save and excellent investment in the future.

Dehesa de Campo Alto S.L turns the Iberian products into an art form and a lifestyle based in beauty and gastronomic excellence. The final stage of the neat process beginning in the field takes place in the carefully thought product presentation to the customer.

Dehesa de Campo Alto S.L. holds the Los Pedroches Protected Origin Designation.

"The closed cycle of Iberian pigs in the area of Los Pedroches de Córdobais a characteristic pig production system of that region of Spain"

This system is focused on the breeding and fattening of Iberian pigs, a native breed known for its meat quality and its ability to adapt to meadow ecosystems. In the closed cycle of Iberian pigs, the aim is to maintain production within a limited geographical area, preventing the entry and exit of animals from other areas. This is achieved through breeding on the farm itself and the use of the natural resources of the pasture, such as acorns and other available foods.


The cycle begins with the breeding of Iberian pigs, which are born and raised on the farm itself. These pigs are fed with breast milk and, later, with complementary foods, including acorns during the montanera, which is the time when the pigs graze in the pasture and feed mainly on acorns. This diet contributes to the quality of the meat and the characteristic flavor of the Iberian pig.


The closed cycle of Iberian pigs in Los Pedroches de Córdoba is valued by consumers and recognized in the market for the high quality of the meat produced. In addition, this system contributes to the conservation of the pasture ecosystem and the sustainability of pig production in the region.


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Dehesa de Campo Alto S.L
Pol. Ind. El Caño III, parcelas 5-8
14220 Espiel (Córdoba).

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