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Cordoba, land of pastures of priceless natural value. This is the home of our pigs, reared in freedom in an unparalleled environment, with the perfect characteristics and climate for them to be raised on grass and acorns during the montanera season.

The value of nature, turned into a perfect product.

IBERART is the care of our pigs.


With the strictest feed controls in the field, as well as in the drying and natural maturation process, which is essential to give it the characteristic flavour of Dehesa de Campo Alto products.

Maturation takes place in natural cellars for more than 36 months.

Patience is the key to the creation of quality Iberian cured meats.


Raised in the wild, the pigs live in the open air, in a unique environment that provides everything they need. Nature, climate and experience…

This is all we need at Dehesa de Campo Alto to create high quality Iberian cured meats.


The tasty and indisputable flavour of our Iberian hams is the result of a natural diet based on grass and acorns during the “montanera”, the free-range rearing of our animals, and the know-how that our family has perfected over generations.

Intense aromas and flavours, with a unique bouquet reminiscent of the pastures of Cordoba.


Uniformly coloured cuts, with bright streaks of infiltrated fat, black hooves and flawlessly finished products.

Each one of them has its own characteristics and personality, which is what makes Dehesa de Campo Alto’s iberian cured meats such excellent products.

“At Dehesa de Campo Alto we treat each piece as a unique work of art. This is the secret to an Iberian ham made art”.

Fernando Adell

Chief Executive Officer


Products with iberian art

Learn about the process of creating our products turned into art. Dehesa de Campo Alto, an incomparable gastronomic experience.

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