The environment.

Weather and geographical features form one of the most stunning ecosystems ever seen where we find holm oaks and cork oaks that provide plenty of acorns and make the Pedroches de Córdoba Dehesa a unique place. For years, pig breeders generations have trusted this ecosystem with their pigs. Nowadays, Dehesa de Campo Alto breeds and fusses over its own pigs in order to carry on with the dedication and traditions of a wide career.

The perfect ecosystem

Based on holm oak and cork oak

Natural and artisan

We care for our animals with passion

5 months of montanera

From October to May the feed is grass and acorns.

100% Iberian Product

Curing time minimum 36 months

unique pieces

Our pigs.

The Pedroches de Córdoba Dehesa is one of the best and most authentic dehesas in Spain. This environment allows the Montanera system, which usually happens in the last stage of pigs’ life, in which acorns and the variety of grass found here are essential. Our naturally bred pigs live in harmony with nature. We respect their environment and freedom so that each of them produces delightful, surprising and unique pieces.

Therefore, our pigs, nourished with the best natural food, grow in an extraordinary extensive and non-extensive environment making a unique piece out of each of them.

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