Our Iberian Cold Cuts.

Dehesa de Campo Alto range of products is completed with the best Iberian cold cuts.

Cured Pork Loin.

The Iberian cured pork loin, as one of the noblest parts of the Iberian pig, is a perfect combination of aroma, succulence and a subtle texture, defined by its streaked rosy-coloured look.

Salchichón (Kind of pork sausage).

Our salchichón, cyrillic-shaped, rough look and properly stuck on the intestine, has a prominent external white mark thanks to the curing process. On the inside it is reddish, smooth and well stuffed with multiple whitish fat streaks.

We recommend you to air the piece before eating it, in order to be able to better appreciate its aroma and flavour.


Made with acorn-fed Iberian pork loin and seasoned with salt and natural paprika. It is cured by natural drying for 3 months minimum after the 24 hour maceration process. This strengthens its unique flavor and aroma.

We recommend you to heat the dish you will use before serving the chorizo.

Morcón (Kind of chorizo).

Made with acorn-fed Iberian loins and Iberian lean meat. This is one of the most appreciated cold cuts due to its exquisite elaboration. It is traditional made and hand tied. Another of our delicatessen.

Center Cut Pork Loin.

Once selected, the Iberian ham shoulder steak is carefully seasoned with traditional recipes and macerated under the expert supervision.

Then they are stuffed and led rest for around two months in drying places with controlled temperature and humidity. After that, we transport them into natural drying places in Los Pedroches de Córdoba Dehesa so they get the perfect combination of aroma and flavour.

Sliced Products.

We offer you a range of sliced products, as Iberian ham, Iberian ham shoulder or loin, presented in different cases and sizes. Our Master Carvers patiently hand cut them.

Thanks to the slowness when slicing, which avoids grazes or heating, its attributes are not affected.


Jamón Ibérico Puro de Bellota.

Denominación de Origen Los Pedroches.

Jamón de Cerdo 100% ibérico. Su pureza racial, su sistema de cría en libertad en la dehesa y su alimentación basada únicamente en bellotas y hierba durante la época de montanera hacen de nuestro jamón un producto único y exclusivo.


Acorn-fed Iberian Ham.

Our pigs are reared through extensive breeding in the best Cordovan dehesas and fed with acorns during the Montanera stage. During the production process, the ham is cooled down, salted, washed, balanced, dried and cured in natural caves.


Iberian Ham.

This kind of ham comes from the best free range pigs, bred in the best dehesas and fed with grass and natural feed.


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